New Product Launch 2018

Launching January 2018, vitraDURA™ is our architectural glass signage, reverse printed using the latest in UV Flatbed print technology.

From small, discrete signs and displays to a maximum A2 we can print your artwork on to the finest quality 6mm toughened safety glass or, for smaller signage, where the dimensions are too small to toughen, we will use 3mm or 5mm ‘glass-look’ acrylic with polished edges, with or without fixing holes.

We can also back up with our Class D photoluminescent laminating film to produce some of the most contemporary glow in the dark safety signs available.

vitraDURA™ is the ultimate in contemporary glass signage that can enhance product aesthetics in; architectural, commercial or tenanted properties, hotel & leisure, rail & healthcare sectors or environments. Using state of the art UV printers, we print to the highest specification toughened glass or glass-look acrylic. This means the ink is cured within seconds of being applied to the glass and is ready for further processing, such as backed up with a Class D photoluminescent to produce incredibly bright photoluminescent safety and egress signage.

Our toughened glass has been produced by both thermal & chemically controlled treatments and the tempering process of intense heating and rapid cooling, creates a glass that is incredibly strong and durable. In the eventuality that it is broken, it breaks down into small granular pieces rather than large sharp shards of glass. Typically this grade is used in a variety of exacting applications, including; architectural glass doors, street furniture, vehicle windows, shower doors, tables, cookware, refrigerator trays, mobile screen protectors and underwater diving masks.

vitraDURA GLOW™ is a 10 year warrantied fire-rated photoluminescent safety way guidance egress system to evacuate residents or members of the public under emergency conditions using a PSPA Class D photoluminescent according to DIN 67510 Pt 1

For all enquiries please contact us at for further information or +44 (0)1282 867 390 for a chat about available options or any of the detail above.

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