Problems with vandalism and graffiti to your signage or property?  

Do your customers require fully recyclable and environmentally friendly signage solutions?

Do your customers require products with anti-vandal or anti-graffiti properties?  

Do you have the demand for your products to be anti-bacterial?  

NovaDura provides the solution…………… to 100% Recyclable Anti Graffiti Durable Signage, Cladding, Interpretive Panels or Street Furniture


NovaDura™ is a range of Innovative and Highly Durable Anti-Graffiti, Vandal Resistant, Printed Signage, Heritage Interpretation Panels, Cladding, Totems, Decorative & Bespoke Street Furniture products with 100% Recyclable and Anti-Bacterial options.

The process lends itself to multiple base carrier types providing outstanding full-colour print quality and long-term resistance to UV and exterior weather conditions.

Based on a multi stage process incorporating a specialised direct-to-substrate printing process utilising revolutionary patented inks; NovaDura™ offers unbelievable anti-graffiti with high abrasion and scratch resistance properties on a range of base substrates from 0.8mm to 50mm thickness.


  • Conforms to Code of Practice – Fire Safety of Materials and Fire Safety of Specific Items and Materials Used in the Underground Number: G-085 Issue no: A2
  • Passes BS476 Parts 6 & 7 for Surface Spread Of Flame and Fire Propagation
  • PassesBS 6853:1999 – Code of Practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains for smoke density and toxic fumes
  • BS EN ISO 4618  – 10 Year warranty according EN ISO 2810: 2004 for Weathering Resistance ASTM G154 500 Hrs QUVB Accelerated Ageing for Gloss Retention & Colour Fastness
  • Passes BS3900 for Durability, Scratch & Impact Resistance

Product Support

  • we can supply our own branded anti-graffiti remover
  • Use NovaSeal UltraBond when mounting to surfaces such as timber and masonry

Check out our product demonstration video….HERE