What Is Bleed and Why Is It Required?

It is impossible to cut exactly to the edge of your design without fear of a ‘white line’, so an over print on each side is required to extend beyond the ‘crop marks’. –  this overprint is called “bleed”.

How Much Bleed?

This can be product dependent and especially if we are producing double sided prints. Typical industry standard is to have 3mm of bleed on each edge and a 3mm safe zone inside. This means that the length of each side will be 6mm longer.

For example an A1 panel when lined up correctly with bleed will be 847mm x 600mm and then trimmed down to the finished size of 841mm x 594mm. However our ecoDURA product is processed using high temperatures and pressure, consequently we ask for a minimum of 5mm bleed outside of the crop marks.

Internal Safe Zone?

It is advisable that there is a similar internal ‘safe zone’ within the cutting edge of at least 5mm to avoid any cutting tolerances where the text could be clipped off. It also allows us to place any fixing holes that may be required – typically we place 4 @ 6mm holes at 12mm centred from the edges.

Bleed and Safe zone

The diagram below shows our requirement for each product, if artwork is submitted in this format with the three distinct layers, then artworks can be quickly approved and into production…..

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