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Water level depth gauge boards indicate water depth in rivers, dam reservoirs, canals, locks, navigation channels. Available in both standard primaDURA or photoluminescent primaDURA Glow finishes. Standard Depth Gauge Board

Manufactured using our 3mm primaDURA 3mm encapsulated and stoved aluminum process, these boards are extremely durable and long lasting. Resistant to UV, salt water, airborne elements, impact & abrasion they are therefore well suited to long-term immersion in water. We have even had NovaDura product on a reef in the Med for over 15 years!!!!

Our primaDURA GLOW was launched at Sign & Digital in 2017 and affords visibility for up to 24 hours with our PSPA Class D grade photoluminescent. That means it would be good for 24 hours afterglow when fully charged. We supply the same grade of product with Lloyds Register certification into the Maritime Industry for safety signage. It also exhibits the ‘Ships Wheel’ mark which is affixed to products in compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

This covers the range of equipment carried on board ships registered under the flags of the European Union Member States. It was established to ensure that equipment which more importantly must comply with the requirements of international conventions (e.g. SOLAS) agreed by the IMO International Maritime Organization also meets common standards of safety and performance across the EU.

The product is good for 20-25 years on a re-charging basis.


BS EN ISO 4373:2008 – Hydrometry. Water level measuring devices

BS 3680 : Part 7 : 2000 Part 7, Measurement of liquid flow in open channels. Specification of equipment for the measurement of water levels

Photoluminescent Grade : PSPA Class D according to DIN 67510 Pt 1


1000 X 150 X 3mm

1000 X 300 X 3mm

Comes with pre-drilled holes and  with 8 Stainless No. 10 screws @ 38mm, they can be provided with red datum numerals for easy surveying on a separate board or printed directly onto the board itself if required (please specify).

Bespoke boards can be manufactured to suit, for a chat about available options please call us on 01282 867390 or just submit your inquiry via the form below to obtain a no obligation quote.