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Plain colour or woodgrain coloured HPL cladding is widely available and often used in external structures to provide a high performance and robust ventilated facades.

However, using our ecoDURA HPL in tandem,  compelling and aesthetic bespoke design content can be added to give virtually limitless design possibilities for next-generation architectural cladding.

ecoDURA High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a direct descendant of the original plastic laminate and is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials. HPL has a UV resistance making it perfect for buildings or facades with ventilated elevations.

Available with special performance properties including;

  • extremely high UV resistance,
  • resistance to airborne attack by weather such as salt spray & sandstorm.
  • chemical, fire and wear resistance

It should be installed with a 10mm expansion gap around the panels to allow movement due to climactic conditions and the panels can be finished with bevels or chamfers to aesthetically please.

Predominantly 10 & 13mm grades are used in facades or cladding.

Project Images:

Monochrome themed HPL cladding

Textured gradation print themed HPL cladding  Monochrome themed HPL cladding


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