Street Furniture

Interior or exterior street furniture products are common uses for the ecoDURA High Pressure Laminate and primaDURA stove finished aluminium products.

Consequently NovaDura supply panels for use as:

  • designer seating
  • picnic benches,
  • bespoke branded tables etc.

They provide sustainable solutions and are perfect for public or urban spaces.

Likewise ideal for; restaurants, parks, pubs and other leisure facilities. The excellent performance properties make it an ideal product for both both interior and exterior street furniture. Specifically relating to:

  • Weather resistance
  • Chemical, fire and wear resistance
  • hygiene – ‘easy clean’
  • ‘impact & scratch’ due to the high density surface
  • Graffiti

ecoDURA panels can be CNC cut to shape, routered and finished with bevels or chamfers. They can be supplied with inserts to easily mount to frames or supports.

Predominantly 10 or 13mm grade is used in these applications. However 0.8mm HPL grade can be bonded to a moisture resistance core board for using in ‘dry room’ areas.

primaDURA aluminium panels can be laser cut in 3 or 5mm aluminium with exacting tolerances to be mounted onto pre-fabricated sub-frames

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  • Street Furniture by Dragonbench in primaDURA
  • Tyrol Furniture Dragonbench
  • Sports arena street furniture
  • HPL Street furniture
  • Street Furniture Nicky Hopkins Bench
  • Street Furniture Nicky Hopkins Bench
Available in primaDURA Coated + Printed Aluminium ecoDURA High Pressure Laminate
Street Furniture examples The Forth Bridges The Forth Bridges Broadbridge Heath Gateway Sculpture Broadbridge Heath Gateway Sculpture
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