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primaDURA aluminium panels were used in this creative piece entitled, ‘Flowing Thoughts’ situated in The Cathedral Quarter, Londonderry.

The City Centre Garden of Reflection is a new shared space between Pump Street and Bishop Street recently developed by the Inner City Trust and Derry City Council to provide for various events and to generally improve and complement the surrounding buildings in what is now known as The Cathedral Quarter.

The artwork for the Pump Street Arch Entrance to the Garden takes the form of reflections in water with overlapping concentric circular ripples. Quotations and lines of poems are interwoven into this colourful pattern to convey the aspirations of the Garden of Reflection, whilst creating a bright feeling of welcome and inspiration to visitors.

The illuminated wall and ceiling artwork aims to create a distinctive portal, similar to the cosmological concept of a wormhole, into the Garden of Reflection. The quotations and poems a share a multitude of thoughts and feelings to encourage visitors to start the process of personal mediation, sharing experiences and innovation within the peaceful surroundings.



Tim Ward of Circling the Square graduated from Goldsmiths’ College, London in 1980 and has worked extensively in designing and implementing public art & environmental projects. In 2002, he formed Circling the Square based in Essex which aims to bring together all his experience of engaging communities in innovative public art and environmental projects. Tim is a member of Art Workers Guild since 1992.


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