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ecoDURA™ is a 100% fully recyclable product especially suited for exterior architectural heritage interpretation panels or way finding markers and, with environmental accreditation’s, it scores significantly over ACM products. The customised print image is set within the thermo-hardened resin of the panel preventing application of paint or marker’.

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multiDURA™ is available for a range of surfaces such as; Wood, Aluminium, PVC, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Glass, ACMs, Fibreboard etc.multiDURA™ is our direct to substrate print on a range of surfaces for signage, cladding, decorative panels, totems and other architectural structures.

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primaDURA™ is our flagship coated & printed Aluminium product, providing outstanding full-colour print quality and long-term resistance to UV and exterior weather conditions. The combination of the highly abrasion and scratch resistant coatings and aluminium base material provides a robust finish against attention by vandals.

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reproDURA™ is a totally bespoke service offering digital reproduction of any digital image onto an aluminium surface using sublimation technology. The process utilises a high definition decorative powder coating of aluminium with subsequent print decoration using a sublimation process. Especially suited for applications onto pre-formed or aluminium, galvanised steel sheet profiles or extrusions.

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