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One of the more unusual applications of our primaDURA panels has been in their incorporation into some very innovative outdoor street furniture.

Dragon Bench™ have developed a range of heated seating designed for bars, restaurants and hotels.

Up to four times more efficient than electric radiant heaters, they are about twenty times more efficient than gas patio heaters.

Conduction heat transfer ensures little heat escapes into the atmosphere. This delivers a low running cost solution with environmental benefits….and the bill payer!

Designed for any outdoor space. Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels and your own back garden!

Thermostatically controlled for ultra effective heating, they feature:

  • Adjustable heat to seat and back panels, ensuring all-body warmth
  • Upholstery options for ultimate comfort
  • Incorporate Hi-definition artwork, branding and advertising
  • USB charge points and LED lighting options available
  • Designed and built in the UK

The properties of our aluminium panels lend themselves perfectly to the project.

Providing an ultra-energy efficient, high quality and maintenance-free solution that withstands the demands of both the hospitality industry…… and the changeable British weather.

Our print process, from hi-definition artwork, delivers branding and advertising in any outdoor space to promote venues and/or suppliers’ products……or even your very own back garden!!!

Engineered and manufactured entirely in the UK the street furniture is available from Dragon Bench™.

For interest in our products, please contact us at for further information or to discuss your application.

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