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The versatility of our Decoral sublimation print can be seen in a recent project for Eskimo Design.

Their stunning RON and Leggy RON column radiators are beautifully engineered. Coming to us in component modular parts allows for powder coating and application of the transfer print.

The RON allows from 1 to 50 sections and a range of heights. Available in a wide palette of core plain colours, the products also utilise three of our specialist sublimation print finishes; Antique, Copper Pipe and Shipyard.

The sublimation print transfers printed image to a depth of 80 micron to produce a durable and scratch resistant surface.

Other decorative finishes can replicate natural materials like woodgrain, marble, Corten onto substrates such as aluminium, steel or Zintec.

Finished products are fire rated and 10 year warrantied for outdoor use.

Numerous 3-D surfaces or profiles that can be wrapped to produce sublimation print effects into items such as:

  • Cladding & Facades
  • Decking & Street Furniture
  • Window Frames
  • Stair Nosing & Handrails
  • Tile trims
  • Fencing & Shuttering
  • Signage

Max size 4.0m x 1.25m

Please contact us at for further information or to discuss your application.

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NovaDura products come supported with a 10-year warranty for colour resistance and attack by air-borne elements.

With inherent graffiti and vandal resistant properties, are suited for Interpretation & Wayfinding Signs, Totems, Profiles, Decorative & Bespoke Street Furniture, Cladding & Facades.