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reproDURA™ is a totally bespoke service offering digital reproduction of any digital image onto an aluminium surface using dye sublimation technology. The process utilises a high definition decorative powder coating of aluminium with subsequent print decoration using a sublimation process.

The key feature of the ‘sublimation’ technology is that this is not just purely a surface finish but is ‘through the depth’ of the coating to a depth of 80 micron creating a highly durable and ‘white line’ scratch resistant product.

reproDURA™ lends itself well to the production of woodgrain type products and the polyurethane coating ensures that if the image takes a light scuff or scratch it will not be visible as a white line due to depth of penetration and inks. Numerous bespoke products can be achieved replicating; stone, marble, granite or alternatively a bespoke custom digital image.

Suitable for applications onto pre-formed aluminium and galvanised steel sheet profiles/ extrusions, the coating will remain in good condition and free from failure for a period of 10 years from coating.

Supported by a 10 year SUBLICOAT warranty, the sublimation fully meets the provisions of BS6496 (1984) and BS6497 (1984) including subsequent revisions.

Technical Resistance

100% Recyclable UV Resistant Durability Frost / Heat Resistant Can be submerged in water Graffiti Resistant Resistant to permanent markers Fire resistant Burn resistant Resistant to acids, alkalis & sea spray Certifications BSEN 438 Parts 1 & 2, NF F31 112 // IMO Res. A. 653 (16) NV65 Wind Tested // NFP92 501/510-M1 & M2 // EN ISO 4892 Parts 1 & 2 Accelerated Ageing


  • Totally bespoke extrusions, laminates and 3-D objects can be considered
  • Easy clean – Anti-vandal/graffiti resistant properties
  • Anti-bacterial option
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Totally bespoke products
  • Scratch resistant – no white lines
  • 10 Year exterior warranty


When handling, it is highly recommended to handle panels one by one to prevent friction and scratches. For storage, it is compulsory to store the panels horizontally, on flat and stable pallets that have dimensions at least equal to the size of the panels.


The reproDURA panels are graffiti resistant, therefore, it is possible to clean the custom surface with many products such as water, white spirits, alcohol, or acetone using a dry, non-abrasive cloth (microfibre type). The customised image is included inside the panel material protecting it from a “new customisation”.


All packaging is tailor made according to the customised reproDURA panel dimensions. When you receive your order, it is very important to open your packages to be able to notify the shipping carrier, in the event of damaged merchandise.


Below are a selection of our most popular wood grain finishes, although we have a range of over 200 standard finishes and the ability to digitally match any required finish or image. Recent projects for the reproDURA process include wood grain extrusion, point of purchase and cladding for major retail supermarkets along with marble / ceramic extrusions and panels for DIY installations.

Woodgrain Finishes

Digital Files

Accepted Digital Support
CD, mail, FTP Server

Programs used by Nova Dura
Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6

File Formats
PDF, vectored EPS, AI

Minimum Resolution
300 dpi

File Processing

Accents or special characters must not be written in the file name. Vectored files with transparency and shadows flattening resolution. 100% of the real size or homothetic file (by 1/2, 1/4) No enlargements over 400%

Bleed Off
5mm Border around the image 30mm For Both Sides Printing 50mm For a fresco of several joined panels. Bespoke artwork can be done by our designers at £70.00 per hour + VAT