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News and Projects

A large number of interpretation panels and signs are now created as a lectern, allowing an audience of adults, children and wheelchair users to gain access and read the information easily.

Our standard primaDURA finish lecterns are made using a 3mm aluminium tray system set at a 45° angle, but we are able to design and fabricate to your specification if you are looking for something a little bit different.

They are manufactured in 3mm aluminium as standard with our design and, ‘point of difference’ inclined tray system, where the front and rear returns are sloped to finish parallel to the vertical post to ensure any rain runs straight off. This is then secured over a sturdy 5mm backing plate welded to the desired post. A base plate allows secure fixing into the ground or concrete to give further solidity against rocking.

Alternatively we can manufacture a ‘picture frame’ style whereby a flat panel can be enclosed within a frame and subsequently secured to the post if looking for a versatile system,where a panel may need to be changed on a seasonal basis for example – stainless steel is also an option for all our products.

For our ecoDURA interpretation panels, these can be supplied in 3 or 6mm to fit a ‘picture frame’, or as 10mm or 13mm panel with blind nut inserts in the rear to take threaded bolts and mount to the 45º plate.


Please visit the linked ‘Lecterns’ page where there is an easy to complete drop down form to enable us to quote your project.


Latest Projects

We’ve been busy with all our product range recently……below are just a few of our panels in-situ.

We also plan to add a new product range, vitraDURA…..reverse printed durable glass signage and will be issuing a press release in the near future.

Please contact us at for further information or +44 (0)1282 867 390 for a chat about available options or any of the projects above.