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Improving Fire Safety

In the light of recent events, one of our significant market sectors of growth is that of fire safety signs. With every workplace in the UK having legal obligations for compulsory fire exit signage, there’s never been a better time to ensure your premises are thoroughly covered and prepared for an emergency.

Legal Requirements

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 controls all fire safety laws in the UK and the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 refer specifically to safety signage. Fire egress signage is also site specific with no two premises the same and determined from a Fire Risk Assessment.


NovaDura have taken the stance of offering the very best in the market in terms of Photoluminescent performance.

Furthermore, the integrity of the sign has been considered and our primaDURA GLOW sign offers one of the highest fire ratings for the sign itself.

PSPA Class D photoluminescent is available as standard whereas most fire signage only meets Class B or Class C.

Meeting PSPA Class D according to DIN 67510 Pt 1 with graphical symbols according to ISO 16069:2004.

Fire performance

primaDURA GLOW & VitraDURA GLOW afford extremely bright afterglow for many hours to facilitate not only efficient egress but also evacuation by The Fire & Rescue Service. Correct egress signage allows people to easily find their way out by the shortest route in the event of an emergency. However, something overlooked in the selection of Fire Signage is the ‘Fire performance’ of the sign itself.

Most fire safety signs are made of rigid plastic, available with self-adhesive. However, they may well be quick to discolour or burn in an actual fire situation.

NovaDura products score significantly over conventional rigid PVC, Dibond, ACM or Foamex. primaDURA GLOW has been tested and approved at Warrington Exova with respect to Fire Performance indicated below.


  • Reaction to Fire BS EN 13501-2 :2016 – complies with the requirements Classes B, dO.
  • Passes BS 476-6:1989+A1:2009 (Class O)
  • BS 476-7 :1997 (Class 1) for Surface Spread of Flame and Fire Propagation.
  • PSPA Class D according to DIN 67510 Pt 1
  • ISO 15370 (International Standards Organization)
  • IMO RES A. 752 (18) (International Maritime Organization)
  • SOLAS Regulations
  • EU Marine Equipment Directive
  • ASTM 2072 (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • NYC RS6-1 (New York City Standard)


Follow the links primaDURA GLOW and vitraDURA GLOW to our signage catalogue.


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