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ecoDURA and PEFC

As part of our approach towards eco-responsibility ecoDURA High Pressure Laminate has now has achieved PEFC certification.

NovaDura’s commitment to the environment means we continually look to source materials from sustainable sources.

What is PEFC ?

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a global organization that works to promote sustainable forestry worldwide. This ensures a future where biodiversity and plant and animal life in the world’s forests are taken into account.

This is the flagship label for the wood and pulp industry. The label certifies that all of the supplies are from sustainably managed forests and that a minimum 99% PEFC certified.

Why PEFC ?

The PEFC is the largest forest certification system in the world. The organization has more than 80 members spread around the world created in 1999 with the aim of creating a forest certification system that would demonstrate excellence in sustainable forest management.

Through certifications and traceability of wood products, PEFC helps to ensure that products from the forest are produced legally and with respect for nature and the people, animals and plants that live there. It is your guarantee that the wood felled and used from the sawmills to the finished products on your shelf comes from sustainably managed forests.

Why ecoDURA?

ecoDURA can be considered a bio-sourced product, 100% recyclable, made of 70% wood fibres and warrantied for 10 years against UV/Weathering.

ecoDURA PEFC certified

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