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Fire Retardant Tape

Our parent company Innova Solutions Ltd have just launched a new flame retardant tape.

NovaBond XS110BFR utilises the latest in anti-combustible technology, consisting of an acrylic foam laminated with an acrylic adhesive, both of which are impregnated with the fire-resistant additives.

When NovaBond XS110BFR comes into contact with a flame, it will self-extinguish, without melting or dripping.

Provides end users with peace of mind that the product has the credibility for use in terms of flammability, smoke generation and toxicity.


Ideal for use with all our general signage as well as our Fire rated primaDURA GLOW.

Any demanding bonding application of a wide variety of substrates where flammability, smoke generation or toxic gas production are critical to a product not being fit for purpose, such as: –

  • Construction – Fixing Cladding, Wall & Elevator Panels
  • Rail Sector and London Underground – Bonding signage, wall panels, trims, tactiles etc. in stations, tunnels and even rolling stock
  • Marine & Offshore – Bonding signage, fixing Cladding, wall panels, ballistic protection etc.
  • Aerospace and M.o.D. – Mounting of trims, panels & signage, trolley construction, equipment fascias etc.
  • Vehicles – Mounting of internal trims, panels & badges.
  • Electronics – Mounting components, facias, and component housings.

Flammability, Smoke & Toxicity Testing

Tested at Element Warringtonfire to:

  • ISO 4589-2: 1999*
  • EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009*
    (Construction Industry test to measure spread of flame, smoke generation and burning droplets)
  • EN 45545-2: 2013 + A1: 2015*
    (Rail Industry test to measure spread of flame, heat released and toxicity)
  • BS 6853: 1999 Annex B.2 (Withdrawn)/S1085 Attachment A.2*
    (Rail Industry / London Underground test to measure toxicity)
  • UL94: 2013*
    (US Underwriters Laboratory simple test for flammability and self-extinguishing properties)

*Further details available upon request

Check out the product test video below

For full details please contact us on 01282 227550 or for a sample or further information.