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Latest Safety Products

Check out the latest additions to our range of safety products


  • Fire Evacuation Plans – (standard and CLASS D photoluminescent)

Fire Evacuation Plans lay out how to exit a building quickly and safely due to; smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergency situation. A legal requirement in heavily populated buildings such as residential or commercial tower blocks, schools, hospitals, rail and office buildings.

These safety products can be designed for both floor or even room level to provide clear egress routes for residents and public. Besides this they provide other pertinent information that will remain legible for longer in fire and/or smoky conditions.

This benefits safe egress and evacuation by the Fire & Rescue Services….to read more, click HERE or the linked image below

Fire Evacuation Plan safety products


  • Water Depth Gauges (standard and CLASS D photoluminescent)

Standard 1000mm (H)  x 150 or 300mm (W) Water level depth gauge board for indicating water depth in rivers, dam reservoirs, canals, locks, navigation channels and available as both our standard primaDURA or Class D photoluminescent primaDURA GLOW finish. Manufactured using our  stoved aluminum process, these boards are extremely durable and long lasting being resistant to UV, salt water, airborne elements, impact & abrasion they are well suited to long-term immersion in water….to read more, click HERE or the linked image below

Depth Gauge Boards safety products


For further information regarding these Health & Safety products, please contact us at for further information or +44 (0)1282 867 390