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NovaDura signage is ideal for all coastal locations exposed to the elements.

Primarily it is resistant to salt spray, that even can affect signage in long inland estuaries where salt air can travel on the wind. There’s no real definitive answer as to how far salt air travels but take a look around inland from the coast and you’re likely to see evidence of salt deposition on cars, window sills, and shop fronts etc. that are all suspect to corrosion.

Rates of corrosion will vary in different areas due to factors such as wind speed and direction and the coastal topography. Studies show that salty air and the effects of corrosion can be seen up to 50 miles in land. However on travelling inland, as the salt factor diminishes then industrial and urban pollutants such as SO2 can take effect.

Fortunately, with our choice material of aluminium that has excellent corrosion resistant properties – it’s no coincidence that the marine industry use a lot of aluminium in the construction – if the bare metal does become exposed, whilst it can ‘begin to corrode’, the thin coating of aluminum oxide that forms as a result creates a protective shield that inhibits further corrosion.

With our tough durable stove finished powder coating process, instances of breaching through to bare metal are rare and why our primaDURA is the choice of many for seafront signage in the UK.

We’ve also added ‘Depth Gauge’ boards to our range in both a standard finish and also a Class D photoluminescent, that when fully charged by natural daylight, permits visibility at night or dusk conditions.


NovaDura signage is proven to withstand the atmospheric effects and the product’s coatings have been tested and approved to the following standards:

Parameter Standard Criteria
Humidity BS 3900-F2:1973 Pass 1000 hours – no blistering
Sulphur Dioxide ISO3231 (Kesternich Test) Pass 24 cycles – no blistering, creep < 1mm from scribe
Boiling water – Permeability EN12206-1: 2004 Part 5, 10 Pass – no defects after 2 hours
Mortar Resistance EN 12206-1; 2004 Part 5, 9 No effect after 24 hours
Salt Fog ISO 7273 (500 hours) Max. 2mm creep from scratch
Natural Weathering ISO 2810 (Florida 12 months 5º south) >50% Gloss retention after 1000 hours
*Accelerated Weathering ISO11341 >50% Gloss retention after 1000 hours
ASTM G154 QUV & ISO11507 > 80% Gloss retention after 500 hours
QUV B313 >50% Gloss retention after 300 hours


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